I was recently the Creative Director of Djed. We built a product with privacy and integration at its core. I was the primary designer for the responsive webapp and iOS app.

As a recent dad, it was exciting to design a platform I personally wanted to use. I created a design language that adapted to varied content while maintaining a consistent base.

The early returns look very promising. During my tenure, we raised nearly five million dollars. Usage has doubled every month since the beginning of the beta period.


The brief was pretty simple: design an iOS app that allows friends to share lists of their favorite places. As one might imagine, there are a million ways to accomplish that.

I explored a variety of design options and defined product strategy, business goals, and the entire user experience, with every screen, animation, and component meticulously outlined.

As a joint effort with two experienced tech founders, we had great early feedback, but the same functionality made its way into FourSquare, which made us halt on the project.


As Design Director and partner at Servo, we built a forward-thinking research app for small teams. Users could write articles, import them via a URL or PDF and annotate and comment in real time.

I was the sole designer and worked in conjunction with our lead engineer to define the goals, the solution, and constantly refine our offering. Annotely (then called “Sort”) was an ambitious bootstrapped undertaking.

We put the product on the shelf despite building a wait list of a few hundred people, but I’m soon planning on reviving it as the Founder/CEO with an extremely talented lead engineer and CTO by my side.


In 2012, the mobile payments space was experiencing rapid growth. Square was taking off and companies like PayPal and VeriFone were eager to compete in the space.

VeriFone brought me in to be the sole designer and creative director of the entire platform: the webapp, the iPhone app, the iPad app, and all digital marketing.

The iOS apps earned rave reviews from customers. The product I designed was acquired by Capital One and remained largely intact as their SparkPAY offering for businesses.

Need a design partner?

Chris is an excellent designer – one of the best I've worked with. He knows how to take a good idea and transform it into a phenomenal product. I'm sure we'll work on more great projects in the future.

Siamak taghaddos, grasshopper founder (Acquired by citriX)

Chris redefined my expectations of what a design partner should be. His level of personal investment and accountability for the project was further reinforced by the high quality of the work he produced. I’d love to work with Chris again in the future.

Matt hendrick, Senior Director, Vertical Products at yapstone